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Peter Haddock Limited started life in 1952 as a publisher of affordable and entertaining children’s books supplied principally to book wholesalers. Its founder, Peter Haddock was a successful businessman and supporter of other publishing companies throughout the world.

As the market matured, direct relationships with retailers enhanced sales, particularly in the overseas markets that still represent half Haddock’s business. Recognizing the value of broadening the product offer, Peter Haddock expanded into the reference sector with the purchase of the “Geddes & Grosset” brand, a Glasgow based reference book publisher.

In 1993, DC Thomson & Co, Limited purchased the business of Peter Haddock Limited. DC Thomson & Co Limited own and operate several publishing interests throughout the world including “Beano” and “Dennis the Menace”. Over 200 new titles were released during 2002/2003 and each title reflects the new mission: “Entertaining children by creative publishing”.

PHP now operate from three UK locations (Glasgow, Bridlington and London) and one international base (Melbourne, Australia).

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